FINK – 12 milk machine cleaner, 12KG

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FINK – 12 milk machine cleaner alkaline liquid active chlorine

• Cleaning and disinfecting

• Excellent removing dirt ability

• usable also with extreme water hardness

• recommended also for bottle washer

Product description:

FINK – 12 is an alkali, active chloric cleaning agent with disinfection for the use in rinsing machines of milk machine cleaners, yard tanks as well as for the lye region in bottle washers and CIP-processes. The active substance combination in FINK – 12 cleans already with low application concentration effectively and protects against deposits by the water hardness to approx. 50 °d.

  • State of aggregation Clear, yellow liquid
  • Density 1,18 – 1,24 g/cm³
  • pH-value [for a solution of 1 % at 20 °C] 11,5 – 12,5
  • conductivity [for a solution of 1 % at 20 °C] 5,2 – 5,8 mS/cm
  • Active chlorine [solution of 1 %] ca. 780 ppm
  • P-value [0,1 N HCl/10 ml solution of 1 %] 1,5 – 1,9 ml
  • Titration factor 0,58 method 1.1.4


Alkali hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, complexing agents, Builder

Composition and effect:

The active substances in FINK – 12 dissolve, saponify and emulsify fat, protein and pigment dirt as well as organic dirt particles. The dissolved dirt is kept by the complex builder system durable in solution. Complexing agents and the builder system support the cleaning efficiency and prevent deposits by the water hardness.


Cleaning of milk machine cleaners

The application conditions are regulated by the mechanism of the rinsing machines. An optimal cleaning efficiency with FINK – 12 will be achieved if the rinsing machines work within the range of the following parameters:

  • Pre-rinsing With water at ca. 30 °C directly after milking
  • Concentration 0,3 -0,5 % (30 – 50 g / 10 litre)
  • Cleaning temperature 30 – 60°C in runback
  • Contact time Approx. 15 minutes (circulation)
  • Flushing With potable water

Use FINK – 12 alternately with FINK – 7 (Art.-No. 18501) respectively FINK – Spül ASS® S (Art.-No. 18503) to prevent the build up to scale.

Bottle washers / CIP processes:

During the cleaning of surfaces in return bottles contaminated with protein and fat as well as in storage tanks and batch tanks FINK – 12 is used as follows:

  • Concentration 0,5 – 3,0 % (50 – 300 g / 10 litre,
  • conductivity 2,9 to 16,4 mS/cm)
  • Cleaning temperature 20 – 60°C in runback
  • Contact time ca. 10 seconds to 20 minutes dipping bath
  • Flushing With potable water

The concentration of FINK – 12 can be re-sharpened automatically over the conductivity. She must be co-ordinated with the kind and degrees of the contamination as well as the cleaning technology.

Effect on surfaces:

FINK -12 is not corrosive against the usual materials in milk productions like VA-steel and alkali-resistant plastics.


Protect from heat and direct sunlight. Store in a cool frost-protected place away from direct sunlight. Do not put unused product back into the canister. Sensitive to frost below -10 °C

Ecological estimation:

FINK – 12 corresponds with the rules of the Wasch- und Reinigungsmittelgesetzes. All organic components are biodegradable.


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