FINK – Qualiton A Phosphate free milk machine cleaner, 25 KG

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  • Removes effectively fat and protein
  • Cleans and disinfects
  • Dispersing effect
  • Sequestration stabilized

Product description:

Qualiton A is milk machine cleaner and disinfecting agent, based on active chlorine, to clean and disinfect automated milk machines, tanks and pipes. The ingredients contained in Qualiton A start to work at low concentrations and prevent deposits of water hardness up to 20 °dH.

  • State of aggregation Clear, yellow liquid
  • Density 1,15 – 1,20 g/cm³
  • pH-value [for a solution of 1 % at 20 °C] 11,8 – 12,3
  • conductivity [for a solution of 1 % at 20 °C] 5,0 – 5,4 mS/cm
  • Active chlorine [solution of 1 %] ca. 580 ppm
  • P-value [0,1 N HCl/10 ml solution of 1 %] 1,6 – 1,9 ml
  • Titration factor 0,57 method 1.1.4

Composition and effect:

Qualiton A converts fat and protein and other organic dirt into water soluble compounds. The remove of dirt is supported by non foaming surfactants. If the cleaner is dosed sufficiently under consideration of chlorine consumption by organic residues (protein burden) it works as a disinfectant.


alkalis, sodium hypochlorite

Effect on Surfaces:

Qualiton A can be used to clean stainless steel, aluminum, enamel and synthetic surfaces. Keep strictly the application concentration. Rinse with clear water after cleaning. Avoid to dry up cleaning solutions especially on aluminum surfaces.


The correct application mode depends on automatic cleaning system built-in the milking machine. The following parameter should be followed: Application parameters:

  • rinse with water (apmx.30 °C) directly after milking
  • concentration 0,5 % (50 g / 10Liter)
  • temperature 30 to 60 °C contact
  • time approx. 15 minutes (circulation)
  • rinse again portable water

Use Qualiton A alternately with Qualiton® SO (18507) to prevent the build up of scale.


Store Qualiton® A at a cool dark place, not below -10°C. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Ecological estimation:

Qualiton A corresponds with the rules of the Wasch- und Reinigungsmittelgesetzes. All organic components are biodegradable.


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