Pakkojuottopullo Trusti Tuber

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Trusti Tuber design ensures tubing is safer, easier and more comfortable for the calf. It allows feeding to be done more quickly and with less stress for both calf and farmer.

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UNIQUE DESIGN AND EASY TO USE Designed by a vet, the Trusti Tuber significantly reduces calf stress and discomfort – soft, flexible tube, swallows easily and the calf struggling is minimised making the Trusti Tuber very easy to use.

• Flexi Tube can be held in place with one hand

Large 4 litre capacity bottle.

• Transparent flexible tube makes it easy to clean and monitor flow.

• Ergonomic bottle handle – perfect for large and small hands.

• Reliable valve – fast flow even with thick colostrum.

• Shown in trials to almost halve procedure feeding time.


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